In November of 2012 Carrien Blue, who has been serving as CFO since The Charis Project incorporated in 2010, resigned from her position. Carrien, as many of you know, is expecting her 5th child, and she and her family are planning a move to Thailand early in 2013 in order to provide hands on education and training for the final phase of transitioning Baan Saang Sawan, our prototype children’s home, to financial independence. For more details go here. 

It was time to hand the financial reigns over to someone else. Fortunately, there was a qualified and willing candidate nearby.

It is our pleasure to introduce to you Emmet Blue, The Charis Project’s new CFO. Not only is he well qualified to fill the position, he agreed to do so without being compensated, a huge criterion in an organization our size, with such a limited budget.

Emmet has a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Faulkner University and a Masters Degree in theology and intercultural studies from Fuller seminary. The past 3 years he has spent most of his time in the 3rd world working with various NGO’s that provide aid to kids. For 2 years he was in Uganda, working with Children’s Heritage Foundation, training local leaders and heading up and coordinating projects with volunteers.

Most recently, Emmet spent the bulk of 2012 in Haiti, also with Children’s Heritage Foundation, overseeing an orphanage they were just assuming the directorship of and facilitating the transition.

His depth of experience, both in business and finance, as well as in international aid and orphan care, make him the perfect candidate to be at the head of The Charis Project’s financial development in the years to come.

Beginning January 2013, all enquiries regarding donations and finance can be directed to Emmet at

We are so grateful for his willingness to serve you and the children we are all working to help.

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