Joy grew up in Mae Sot in a Karen-Thai family. Her family is S’ghaw Karen but having attended Thai school she was exposed to many different ethnic tribes and cultures. When she was growing up her father had to work in Bangkok for a year leaving Joy and her family in Mae Sot. This was a challenging time for Joy and showed her the importance of enabling families to stay together rather than having one or both parents move to a different city for work.

Before working for The Charis Project Joy helped train Christine for her role, having worked for other NGOs in Mae Sot, and was a most welcome addition to The Charis Project’s team. Joy enjoys working as part of a team and is excited for the continued growth and development of The Charis Project as it continues to impact more people here in Mae Sot.

Outside of work Joy continues to selflessly help undocumented people through her expertise in this area. By walking those who are most vulnerable through the systems in place to acquire the correct paperwork and legal standing Joy is assisting some of society’s most vulnerable to reach a greater degree of security, where they may now legally reside in Thailand and find work.

A source of inspiration for Joy has been her English teacher at school. She helped open up her mind to a wider world and the possibilities that are available, as well as inspiring Joy to learn English through songs which in turn made the process a lot less daunting.

Joy would like to see greater reconciliation and cooperation across all people groups in Thailand so as to bring people closer together. Also, Joy has an ingrained love of farming due to her family’s connection to the land and would love to continue this work. Joy recognizes that too many young people are beginning to lose interest in farming with rural-urban migration and she hopes to be a source of inspiration in changing this.

One of Joy’s biggest dreams is to travel the world, and in particular to visit Switzerland. Switzerland’s idyllic scenery combined with its love of chocolate and cheese make for a perfect adventure that Joy would love to embark on one day.

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