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Charis Teaching Farm

Bad farming techniques, involving chemical pesticides and fertilizers, cause great damage.
Frogs die. Bees die. The land becomes infertile.
It destroys the health of the people who work on the farm, and it also destroys the health of their children. People who depend on the land for survival eventually end up sick and without enough to eat.

The Charis Teaching Farm seeks to reverse these effects through natural bio-farming methods, with no chemical input, to restore and heal both land and people.

  1. We heal the land through natural self-sustaining methods that promote healthy soil for our crops.
  2. We pay our employees fairly, and provide hands-on education for the regular and seasonal staff that we employ;
  3. Produce harvested from our land is used in the nutrition packages given to pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and other families in need. [Keep Families Together]
  4. We research and test the methods best adapted to local conditions and provide education and consultation for farmers in the surrounding area.


This method of farming brings life to the land, life to people, life to families, and life to communities.   Learn more

See how we grow the Charis rice here.

Our long term sustainability plan includes selling our rice, natural fertilizers and pest control compounds to domestic markets.