Children’s homes can be part of the solution

Children’s homes can put themselves out of business by empowering families in their communities. This is our goal.
All children deserve a stable family to grow up in.
Children’s homes are never a permanent solution, merely a stopgap to fill a pressing need. We believe the objective of every children’s home should be to place children in stable families, either by strengthening their birth families, or establishing long term foster care for them.

The Charis Home, high in the mountains of northern Thailand, is a safe place for kids to stay until their families become stable enough to care for them again.

Families do not relinquish custody of their children when bringing them to the Charis Center. We work hard to keep the kids connected to what family they have. They go visit during school holidays if there is somewhere to go and their families participate in the life of the home as they are able.

We are constantly looking for ways to support and stabilize a child’s birth family. This is easier in some cases than others. Some children are there because of poverty in their own family, an injured parent who can’t work, or a debt that needs to be paid off. These problems we can address.

Other kids we know will be with us longer, because their parents are drug addicts, or alcoholics, don’t want them around because they want to remarry, or have just simply disappeared. These issues take longer to resolve.

We continue to work with the staff to build businesses that make this home self-sustaining as well as an entrepreneurial model and resource for the families in the community. While the children are at the center they get to participate in the businesses and be equipped with the entrepreneurial skills and mindset that will empower them to transform their own communities and families.


Businesses to date:

  • Truck Transport Business
  • Broom manufacture
  • Rice and other agriculture
  • Organic Egg Farm
  • Organic Chicken Feed
  • Coffee and Tea Seedlings
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