Family Engagement

The best way to protect and care for children is to support families.

We have met, and we know of many more, hungry and discouraged mothers who are looking for help. They feel helpless to care for their children and are either trying to give them up, or have done it already. But, when you feed a mother, encourage her, and stand with her, she stops living with the desperate fear that her children might be better off without her and she shifts to working to hold onto them because now she has hope.

We’ve created teams that understand first hand where these women are coming from and their circumstances, because they’ve been there too and have shared their pain, their struggles, and their difficulties.

These teams go out and find the families who are on the edge of falling apart in order to bring them food, bring them encouragement, bring them community, friendship, counseling, and access to resources.

The best place for a child to grow up is in a strong loving family. Families are a child’s best protection against exploitation and abuse.   Understanding the Problem 

Our family support teams engage with families during a key moment of transition: pregnancy. Support and education can make a vital difference in how well their child enters the world, and the quality of life for the whole family thereafter. Nutritional support for pregnant and breastfeeding women has a big impact on the long term health of children and their families.

Our support teams also visit families facing extreme hardship with food and encouragement:

  • Families with a disabled child who requires special care.
  • Families that are without a father to help provide.
  • Families that are very poor and can’t find work

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