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How Farming in Thailand Embodies the Gospel

So what does farming have to do with the gospel?  Farming is food and the gospel has to do with going to heaven, right?  To be […]

Restoration Agriculture as Seen Through a Rice Harvest

Rather than just give money to people, we give them the opportunity to do valuable work, learn more about our natural farming processes and be paid justly for their efforts. What we strive to do is affirm their humanity and, if lost, restore their dignity.

Happy New Year From Thailand!!!!

Thank you friends for all that you do to care for the kids at risk in Thailand. Without you none of this would be possible, and […]

The Importance of Family

I think my favorite thing about the make-shift family we have participated in forming up on the mountain at the children’s home is the grandparents. I’m […]

Risk and 3rd World Business Development

In a TEDtalk titled, Let’s Raise Kids to be Entrepreneurs, Cameron Herold, founder of 1-800-Got-Junk, one of the largest junk removal companies in North America, defines […]

How to Unleash a Generation

Every week Voices of Charis features the articles and ideas that excite and inspire us as we work in community education and development on behalf of […]

Charis Model Community In Mae Sot Moving Forward

On our Face Book page a short while ago I said that it looked as though we were on a layup for a slam-dunk. This is […]

We all fall down

It takes broken people to heal the world. You, me, that guy down the street, none of us have all our stuff together. None of us […]

What If?

This home has been netting pigeons to eat so there is enough food this month. It was the year 2001, we had been married less than […]