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Thon grew up in Karen State in Burma, as one of 11 siblings.

Coming from a family of farmers he learnt from a young age how to plant rice and cultivate the land.

Although he left Burma 30 years ago due to the conflict he has very fond memories of the country of his birth.

Thon is married and the proud father of five children, who are more than happy to help them when they are not studying at school. Thon is very passionate about farming, talking about it as not only a job but also an activity that he loves to be part of, and is now very happy to be a part of The Charis Teaching and Research Farm as they pave the way for organic farming in Mae Sot.

This is the first time that he has been involved with organic farming and is enjoying it, believing it to be better and healthier than other crops that he has worked with. Thon is looking forward to planting new watermelons and chilies when the rainy season is over and seeing how they flourish under organic farming practices.

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