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It may seem to some to be an odd pairing, comedy, and the global orphan crisis. After all, the problem is very serious, and lives hang in the balance every day.

Perhaps we ought to try and meet our fundraising goals, and growth expenses, by very seriously telling everyone how very serious the problem is and how very important it is for them to act. And that would be true. It is serious, and the problems we are facing are significant.

But then how would our friends whose talents are in making people laugh be able to use them to help make a real difference in the lives of kids all over the world?

We deeply believe that what the world needs most is people doing well the thing that they are passionate about and that makes them come alive. When someone is doing that they can’t help but bring joy to the people around them.

In the case of the many wonderful  and talented comedians we have gracing our stage this summer comedy series, there is a lot of laughter involved as well.

So we poke fun at serious things. We talk about what a great way to impress a girl it is for a guy to take her to a fundraiser for an organization that works to protect children and families. We simplify and find the funny. Working with these comics has taught us that to make people laugh:

  • You have to be willing to go just a bit farther toward outrageous than everyone else is willing to go. 
  • To find the absurd and revel in it.  
  • To point out the awkwardness and irony of daily life and reveal it as something to laugh at.

In that case they aren’t that much different from us. Because in order to change a broken world:

  • We have to be willing to go just a bit farther toward outrageous than everyone else is willing to go.
  • To push the envelope just a bit more than we did the day before and keep pushing until we find our way to something that can bring joy and laughter and real lasting good to the people we work with, and the children who need us. 
  • To get comfortable staying in this space between what is and what ought to be, and see them both equally. 
  • To look honestly at life and reveal the good and praiseworthy in it.

We write the really good stories that way, the ones that put a smile on the face of everyone who hears it.

If you are in Southern California in July I hope you will come and join us, have some fun and do some good at the same time.

You can purchase tickets at

And if you are far away you are welcome to do some good as well, either by supporting our efforts, or finding a way that your passions and talents can make a big difference in the world around you. We would love to hear about that.

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