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When I received the gifts from The Charis Project I was able to face my issues and overcome them.

Thin Thin Chu - team member and former client

What kind of help would you want if you were struggling to provide for your children?


Every day we meet hungry and discouraged parents who are looking for help. They feel helpless to care for their children. Some are even looking to give them up, or have done so already.


You can send them someone to walk beside them, strengthen them, and help them be the parent they want to be. Just as you would want if you were in the same situation.


The family rescue teams understand first hand where these parents are coming from because they’ve been there too. To families who are on the edge of falling apart they  bring food, encouragement, community, friendship, counseling, and access to resources.


When you encourage a mother, support a father, and stand with them, they stop living with the fear that their children might be better off without them. They start working to hold onto their children because now they have hope.


You can give a child a strong loving family to grow up in and their parents the help you would want if you were in their shoes.


Strong families are a child’s best protection against exploitation and abuse.   Understanding the Problem 




Who does your sponsorship help?


      • Pregnant Mothers

    Pregnancy is an important time to support families. Without proper nutrition and knowledge mothers become weak and babies are born sick and disabled.

      • Breastfeeding mothers

    Worry about going back to work sooner keeps mothers from breastfeeding long enough to give the baby a healthy start. Giving healthy food to pregnant and breastfeeding women has a big impact on the long term health of children and their families.

    • Families with a disabled child who requires special care.
    • Single parent families.
    • Families where one parent has been sick for a long time and can’t work
    • Families that haven’t been able to find work and have no way to get food



Food and weekly visits are step one of a 


that gives families the tools to become strong and independent.