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Born in Myanmar, Thin Thin Chu moved to Thailand in 2003. Living in a village close to the border, she worked in agriculture and after that, as a daily worker planting flowers and vegetables.

While pregnant with her third baby, she attended a women’s health training lead by The Charis Project staff. She became one of the first mothers to benefit from our family rescue program and the nutrition packages. Through that time the team was able to observe Thin Thin Chu’s character and gentleness with her children. She worked hard to over come her difficulties and improve her life.

We eventually offered her a job with our Family rescue team. she goes out in the communities to deliver health packages and give encouragement to families. Sometimes she also gives training.

Thin Thin Chu likes to talk to families, build relationships, and give advice because she thinks it’s important for parents and children to stay together.

She has liked helping people ever since she was a child. Now she can do it more practically. Thin Thin Chu has been working with us since 2015, and she believes Shade Tree Foundation fulfilled her dream to help people in need.

“I don’t have money or education, but I can help with my strength.”

Thin Thin Chu is a humble and patient woman, always trying to see the positive side of things. We are thankful to have her on our team.


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