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The Charis Project is a 501(c)3 corporation dedicated to fostering entrepreneurial solutions for the care of orphaned and abandoned children.

We establish self-sustaining homes and communities for at-risk children. The homes run businesses as part of their normal functioning. These businesses support the homes and serve as the classrooms to train the children in sustainable socially conscious entrepreneurism.

We take in the at risk children of the world, saturate them in the healing transformation of love and family and equip them with the skills, character and attitudes that will give them the power to be the leaders who will shape the economy of tomorrow and to do it in a manner that is socially responsible and self-sustaining.


The Charis Project was founded by Aaron, Carrien and Wayland Blue. It started in Thailand in 2008 when they came into contact with a group of indigenous families who were caring for some of the overwhelming number of orphaned children fleeing Burma into Thailand. These amounted to a spontaneous network of children’s homes that sprang up as families added more abandoned or orphaned children to their number. They began fundraising to support these families who were little food they had go as far as possible in order to feed and protect so many extra children.

They quickly realized that simply raising funds to care for children at risk was only treating a symptom of the problem without addressing the poverty and social disintegration that causes children to be at risk in the first place. So they began working with the children's home to implement businesses that could provide the home income and transform the communities they were in. That developed into today's vision to create a replicable orphan care model that would be financially self sustaining, and a resource to aid the transformation of impoverished communities and families in crisis through education in entrepreneurship and positive parenting.

To date, The Charis Project has housed, fed, educated, provided medical care for, and protected 60+ at-risk refugee children plus the volunteer workers who help care for them and has provided ongoing training in 3 different villages.

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Operating in Thailand as a ministry of COC Foundation

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