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“I am going to send you Elijah the prophet...he will restore the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers" Mal. 4:6

Together we will restore families.

Welcome to the Elijah Initiative

You are part of a select group of individuals who are helping to advance our mission to protect children and heal families.

Your partnership multiplies our impact for the kingdom. With your help we will protect children from trafficking and abuse by equipping families with the wisdom and courage they need to be strong.

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The work of restoration is in your hands.

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MISSION AT A GLANCE - This single page tells The Charis Story in a nutshell. Download and share it, or use it as a reference when talking to people.

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MISSION PARTNERS - If anyone you are meeting with wants to see how their business, church or organization can partner in the ministry, show them this page.

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IMPACT REPORT 2020 - A quick look at all that we did to strengthen families last year.

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DONATE - When people ask how they can help financially, feel free to share this link with them.

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GIVE RESILIENCE - Do you know a family or parents who are struggling to cope right now?

Share this Family Resilience Mini-Course with them. Designed for parents who want to give their children the confidence to meet challenges with courage, this free 2 week long email series will give someone you care about more strength and peace, and acquaint them with the mission of The Charis Project at the same time.

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