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How do you pronounce Charis? [kã-ris]

What does it mean?

Gift, grace, a kindness. Also, in the Bible, God’s power and presence in the earth.

Are my donations tax deductible? 

Yes, in the US we are incorporated as a 501c3 tax exempt organization.
To get a tax deduction in Canada go here. All Canadian donations go directly to our Thailand Foundation.

Why Not Orphanages?

Institutions can, by their very existence, encourage families to leave their children, rather than finding community based solutions closer to home. Irresponsible institutions will even recruit children in order to use them for fundraising.

A child in institutional care may eat consistently and be enrolled in school. But even the best most caring orphanage staff is a poor substitute for a parent’s care. A child who grows up in an institution has little opportunity to learn what healthy families and healthy relationships look like, which leaves them struggling in their adult relationships. The opportunities for a child to be abused are multiplied when one considers paid staff, other children, and the impossibility of constant supervision. Here’s just one of hundreds of studies that show this effect. Children in institutions are much more likely to commit suicide as adults, or end up in prison. Without the close relationships of a family to give them their sense of worth and place in the world the grown children that leave an institution are easy targets for traffickers and gangs.

The cost of caring for children in institutions is much higher than simply providing support for families, many of whom only need an extra sack of rice per month to make a difference in their situation. Keep Families Together

We’ve compiled some RESOURCES for you if you want to know more.

What ethnicity are the families you work with?

We work with many different ethnicities. The primary ethnicities we encounter in our area of the world is ethnic Burmese migrant workers. We also work with hill tribes that are minorities in Thailand and Myanmar such as Karen, Lahu, Lisu, Aka, etc. Whoever needs our help.

Are you a Christian organization?


Why don’t you proselytize?

If our actions aren’t powerful enough to speak for us and tell of the goodness of God, such that people ask us why we do what we do, then we believe we ought not to speak. We don’t hide our faith, neither do we make people listen to a long sermon before we help them.

Are you a mission organization or an NGO?

Technically we are a Christian Aid organization. Our governing board and directors are all Christian and our motivation is the kingdom of God. However, we don’t discriminate in who we provide aid to, and who we hire, based on religion. God’s love is available to all, and so is the aid we bring as a practical outworking of that love.

Are all of your staff Christians?

No. In employees we look for people of good character and proven ability who have a heart like Jesus, whether they be Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, etc.

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