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Heal Families, Strengthen Families,
Keep Families Together

The safest place for a child to grow up is in a strong loving family.

The Charis Project is a 501(c)3 corporation dedicated to protecting children by strengthening and empowering families and communities, and providing quality care for children from disrupted families.

We support families materially through nutrition support for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and provide emergency food aid to families in crisis, those who have disabled children and single mothers. We also support families through education that empowers them to care for their health, finances and children.

The support continues with weekly visits to the family home, counseling,and emotional support for parents who are struggling.

We aim to prevent the breakdown of families in crisis and provide for children the very best protection and growing environment a child can have, their very own family.

We are equipping families for the sake of the next generation so they are equipped to raise up children who enter into life with confidence and optimism and the tools to live life well.

The History

The Charis Project was founded by Aaron, Carrien and Wayland Blue. In the beginning it was a simple trip to bring training and teaching to hill tribe pastors in a remote area of North Western Thailand. However, seeing the great needs in the region and the number of children living in appalling conditions, we began fundraising to support those caring for these children in a children's home setting.

We quickly realized that simply raising funds to care for institutionalized children only treats a symptom of the problem without addressing the poverty and social disintegration that cause children to be at risk in the first place. Our efforts centered around the traditional children’s home model. We developed a vision to create a replicable orphan care model that would be financially self sustaining, and a resource to impoverished communities and families in crisis through education. This was a good step, but we were still focused on trying to fix institutional care.

We learned that institutional care is fundamentally flawed and that we needed to move away from the idea of an orphanage altogether to do what is best for the life and development of children. Most children in children’s homes are brought there by family members who are unable to provide for them for some reason, or that view living at the children’s home as a better chance for their children than life in the village. In order to change this, we now primarily work directly with families most at risk of being torn apart by poverty. The best way to protect and care for these children is to keep families together whenever possible.

Why We Do What We Do

The Charis Project is classified as a Christian 501c(3) corporation. Our actions as an organization are informed by our faith. At the foundation of our beliefs is the understanding that we have the privilege, and responsibility, of completing the work of creation in the chaotic world, and advancing the kingdom of heaven - "your kingdom come... on earth as it is in heaven". The vision the Bible paints of what that is like informs our work and our ultimate objectives as an organization.

In the kingdom of heaven families aren’t torn apart by poverty.

In the kingdom of heaven children don’t die of malnutrition.

In the kingdom of heaven children aren’t born disabled because their mothers didn’t have enough to eat.

In the kingdom of heaven children aren’t abused and commoditized.

In the kingdom of heaven people don’t live in fear of mistreatment and violence because of their race, or beliefs.

In the kingdom of heaven the lonely and abandoned are put into families.

In the kingdom of heaven all are loved, and all are welcome.

In the kingdom of heaven there is freedom, there is life, and there is light.