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When migrant families need money, they have to go to loan sharks. These lenders charge up to 20-30%/month in interest. A family in an emergency situation can quickly find themselves in a downward spiral of debt that is impossible to escape from. If they want to borrow to start a business, or invest in something that could improve their family, the high interest makes it nearly impossible to succeed.

With no access to basic financial infrastructure, refugee families on the Thai/Burma border have no way to manage the few resources they have. This puts them at constant risk of losing the ability to survive.

Financial literacy gives even families in poverty a level of security and safety for their children they never knew was possible.

We train communities to run community micro-banks so that they can save together, access low cost loans, and even profit from their savings.

• Since 2017 we have started 26 savings groups
• benefiting ~300 households
• 90% of the families in these savings groups are debt-free with cash in their hands within a year.

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