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Conferences and Training

Sometimes we get an opportunity to have an excellent speaker come in for a short time to speak on something that will be of great benefit to the larger community, beyond the scope of our other projects. When this happens we want as many people as possible to benefit, so we host a large conference that is open to all to attend.

Sometimes the topic will be Christian in nature, such as a recent conference where people from all over came to hear about how God loves and accepts them just as they are, and then got to experience that love through God’s healing power.

Sometimes the topic is healthy business, financial health, health in relationships, and the like. Whatever will be of value to the to community.

Our domestic and international relationships connect us with excellent speakers and trainers. Speakers include financial analysts, pastors, business people, and international trainers.

In addition to the large conference events, where many hundreds of people attend, we also hold smaller trainings and workshops, both to benefit our own staff, and to equip and build up other organizations and ministries in the region.