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Daw Cho always wanted children, but after three miscarriages, she gave up hope. One year ago, when Daw Cho was age fifty-two, she suffered a mini-stroke and became partially paralyzed. Before that, she had earned money making homemade snacks and selling them in nearby shops. Daw Cho and her husband, a casual agricultural worker, moved into a row house close to the clinic for Daw Cho’s health. While living there, Daw Cho attended The Charis Project’s Family Education classes and has since found herself helping and caring for children around her.

“I wish I had received these lessons earlier because I think I would have been able to avoid miscarriages and keep my children alive,” she says. “I will surely join any courses provided by The Charis Project in my community. This knowledge is a life-changing opportunity for people like us.

Whole Communities Benefit from One Person’s Knowledge

Daw Cho is another example of how the whole community benefits when its members know how to support children’s healthy growth and development. Daw Cho cares for the children around her in the way she learned in Positive Parenting classes and passes on what she now knows about positive parenting and health and hygiene to other migrant mothers so that, with that knowledge, their stories can be different from hers. Daw Cho, who only has a middle school education, is now helping to change the world she lives in. She may not be a parent, but her actions and knowledge are making a measurable difference in the lives of the people around her.

One Single Class Can Change Many Lives

When you support Family Education, you help equip individuals who can then bring their new knowledge and wisdom to create life-changing possibilities for the people around them. It is truly a gift that keeps on giving exponentially, impacting whole communities, and ultimately a whole generation. If Daw Cho had received training and knowledge about healthy pregnancies sooner, perhaps she would be a mother right now. But she is still creating safety and warmth on a community level for the children where she lives. Your support helps mothers and babies stay healthy and strong both mentally and physically.

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