What if no child was ever thrown away again?

We at the Charis Project see a generation of children lifted out of poverty into freedom and dignity who will shape our global future.

What if a family never had to consider abandoning a child because they could not feed everyone? Instead, what if that family was equipped with the freedom, dignity, character, attitude and skills to run a business that also built up other members of the community through employment and training? And, what if a network of these empowered families raised the quality of life for an entire region?

What if

How are we different?

Most orphan care systems do not address the root problem.

We are focused on changing the environment that puts families and children at risk.

Teach a child to be an ENTREPRENEUR and they transform their community for generations to come.

The Charis Project is not only aiming to produce a hard-working, competent workforce. Our steadfast goal is to raise up forward-thinking children who are educated to:

  • Think long term
  • Be able to take risks
  • Believe that their actions make a difference
  • Believe that this world is worth saving

In addition to providing these children with aid, we endeavour to equip them with the tools to transform the economic and social circumstances that cause them to be at risk in the first place.

How we make a lasting impact

Keeping Families Together

The best way to protect and care for children is to support birth families. Where economic circumstance makes child abandonment a heartbreakingly common occurrence we are giving families the tools they need to stay together and thrive.

Partnering with families who have sound business sense, and working with them to see it succeed. These families begin to prosper almost immediately because of their new ability to build their own business.

See the community model

Self-Sufficient Care Homes

What about kids who have already been taken to an orphanage?

In developing countries around the world, 153 million children are orphaned or abandoned.

But, what if by helping the orphanage to provide for itself, we could be a model of financial independence and innovation to the community, a resource to these children’s extended families, and a catalyst for getting kids out of orphanages and back into families?

Our goal is to raise up, out of poverty, a generation of socially conscious entrepreneurs who will change the world, who will change their world - regardless of their start in life. We aim to establish financial sustainability in residential homes for at-risk children and sustainable support structures for their families that transform entire communities.

How it works

$20 / month can make or break a family

In the migrant camps and villages on the Thai/Burma border, families are living so closely
with hunger and poverty that they are on the verge of being torn apart by it.


Fat Happy Babies!!!

"Before you started coming to our village, most of the babies born here were skinny, and cried all the time. The babies born since you started caring for these women are so different, they are fat, they don't cry as much, their mothers seem happier taking care of them and they know what to do when they are sick or fussy because you visit and help them learn."
Rather than granting us privilege, the gifts we have all received give us the responsibility to leave this world better than we found it.
Aaron Blue, CEO