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BUILDING RESILIENCE – Family Education Training Outcomes for 2022

Carrien BlueCarrien is co-founder of The Charis Project, Family Education Curriculum Developer, and mom of 6. You can get her free mini-course on Making Your Family […]

“I Won’t Beat My Child Like My Parents Beat Me”

“I won’t beat my child, the way I was beaten. It’s now natural for me to be patient with her. I understand her more, thanks to what I learned in the classes. I used to have to remind myself to be patient. But now, it’s my first response.”

Higher Ground is Expanding!!!

A few years ago, all of the 1st graders in this village tested positive for amphetamines! Since we gave them a soccer field and daily coaching, the drug use in this village has plummeted, and not just for the children. The adults are playing soccer more and using drugs less also.

I Feel Like I Have a Reliable Guide

“My name is Ma Mar Lwin. I’m 52 years old. I grew up in a rural area in Burma. I had to quit school after Grade-2 […]

I need to be a good parent for every child in my care

“I used to think that parenting skills were something I only needed to apply to my biological children. But now I have realized that I need […]

I Have Learned How To Be a Good Parent

“When I was a child, I was an ambitious student. I dreamed of becoming an electrical engineer one day. But my parents and grandparents weren’t supportive […]

“I don’t punish as much.”

Ei Phyu is 26 years old. She and her husband Chit San Mg have two daughters. “When I was 12 years old, my mother left me, […]

A Mobile Lending Library!

  Most migrant families don’t have any books. Not one, in the entire house. Books are a luxury. They are something that people who have enough […]

What is Wrong With My Child?

Naw Day Poe was at her wit’s end. Her daughter cried all day long, from early in the morning until late into the night. Her husband […]

“I Don’t Need Help Anymore”

Aye Thi Dar Tun thought she was going to die. She and her family were locked inside their house, all sick with Covid19. The whole group […]

Reproductive Health Class in Karen!

“Do you have any classes in Karen?” “Not yet. But we’d like to.” I’ve had to say this many times over the past 8 years since […]

Moments of Mercy

In our ongoing efforts to assist families displaced by the violence on the other side of the Thai/Burma border, our Burma relief coordinators have been finding […]