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Our friend DJ runs an orphanage in Mexico. People often ask him where the children come from, and this post, Where Do Babies Come From?, is his answer.

An orphanage should always be the last option for a child. It is the demonstration of evil in the world, the destruction of families, of the failure of society.

However, occasionally, it is the least bad option available. In those situations it is wonderful to see people like our friend DJ working so hard for so long to provide the last best hope when everything else has failed.

I have said to him that I would like to bring The Charis Project to his area to focus on rescuing and healing families before it is too late.

His response: “Strong healthy families would put the orphanage out of business and that would be an answer to prayer.”

Until that happens, please have a read of a true servant’s explanation of where children in the orphanage that he leads come from.

Where Do Babies Come From?

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