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Moe Moe is 23 years old. She has two boys. Her oldest is 3 and half years old and the youngest just turned 1. Moe Moe was a pretty typical Burmese parent. It is not common for parents here to have knowledge about things like attachment and bonding. “I used to talk with anger and impatient words to my kids. I even swore at them when they did not want to eat their food. When they asked me questions, I didn’t answer. I didn’t see the point. I even taught my kids to beat their father because he was always busy at work and came back home late sometimes. My kids relationship with their father was very distant. I was angry at him for being gone and leaving me alone with them and I passed that anger onto them.”

Moe Moe attended the 6 week long Early Childhood Development class.

“After taking the class I knew that I should not do many of the things I was doing. I changed all my actions. I call my husband on video call every afternoon to talk with my kids to help build their attachment with him and strengthen their bond. Before that they didn’t often see him because he was at work. My oldest son started to tell his father that he loves him and to come back home early. I told my husband to play with our children after coming back from work as well. Our family is stronger. We are more attached and loving. We feel more connected to each other. I believe that my sons will learn from us how to care for each other, and want to care for me and my husband when we are old, because we are building healthy attachments and bonding now while they are young.”

Since taking the class Moe Moe says she has also learned to answer patiently when her children ask her questions, teach them the words for things, and pay attention to what her children are feeling and help them to talk about their emotions. She started to teach her kids about things when they go to market or see something new, and takes the time to explain things until they understand them.

Moe Moe gained new tools to help her children grow into strong and healthy adults, and she immediately put them into practice. For parents here, knowledge is power. The Family Education program equips parents to make their homes the safe and loving place where their children grow to be the heroes they were born to be.

Thank you for supporting new parents.

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