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Every week Voices of Charis features the articles and ideas that excite and inspire and inform us as we work in community education and development on behalf of impoverished kids.

Kareoke and Opportunity

We have often said in the past that our plan to keep girls from poor villages ending up in brothels is simply to create enough economic opportunity in their own villages that there is no need for them to try going to the big city in the first place. This article nicely sums up the issues surrounding the sex trade in Thailand and shows it’s links to lack of economic opportunity in the north where we are working.

Gamers Solve Decades Old HIV Puzzle in just 10 Days

How a game designed to allow any person to take on the challenge of figuring out folding proteins produced a solution to a problem that has had scientists stumped for years.

Children Today are Suffering a Severe Deficit of Play

Relevant for anyone raising kids in any sort of family. Kids need play.

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