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This is what it looks like when 7 teams of dedicated community workers and volunteers go house to house in the hottest month of the year, with daily high temperatures above 100°F, to give each migrant household targeted disease prevention training, soap and masks, and to communicate hope in this time of fear.

From March 26 to April 24, these teams directly reached 5128 households of the migrant population in Mae Sot and the two surrounding districts, an estimated 25 thousand people in all. 

They washed their hands, over and over, outside the door of each house they visited, carefully keeping their distance from the families they engaged.


They walked out into fields and down paths where trucks cannot go to reach every person that they could find.

They didn’t just help prevent the spread of a disease, and give families the tools to keep themselves healthy, not just from COVID19 but from all other diseases spread by coughing and hand to mouth transmission, they also brought love, care, and hope in a time of fear and misinformation to a population often forgotten by public aid and health information campaigns.

They distributed soap and masks to each household.

This is what it looks like to move out to care for and protect families in this time.

This was Phase 1. Phase 2 is Feeding the Hungry.

Special thanks to all who gave last month to support this special project and help the most vulnerable families, even while the whole world was shifting.

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