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Last month you helped hungry families survive.

While going from migrant community to migrant community with COVID19 prevention training [see Phase 1 – Clean Hands Save Lives], we found that a more immediate problem for many families was lack of food, and sometimes water.

Some simply could not get out to buy food and water because of prevention measures that cut off their villages. Others couldn’t afford to buy food because they were laid off and had nothing in savings to help them survive.

Our teams gathered intelligence on which families were in the worst situations. They talked to the village heads, unofficial community leaders, pastors, and the imams in the the Muslim communities. Our team called the village leaders in every subdistrict to ask about which families were in need and who was hungry right now. We worked with the district officers to coordinate our contact efforts.

What follows are photos taken by our team of the relief effort in progress. This is what it looked like when you gave to help isolated and hungry families get through a crisis.

One community, of about 80 people, had completely run out of drinking water, and residents were not permitted to leave their village. Our team returned the same day with bottled water.

The Waterbearers organization donated several water filters for us to bring to communities that had no access to drinking water. This allowed them to turn the pond water nearby into drinkable water for their families.

With lack of food and unemployment increasing, expert analysts expect that trafficking will become an even bigger problem in the months to come. Feeding hungry families helps to keep them safe from exploitation. Thank you for protecting families, so they can protect their children, and keep them safe at home.

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