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For 8 years Daw Aye Min had used an old-fashioned foot powered sewing machine that she bought for 2,000 Baht. “The old sewing machine takes a lot of energy to use,” she told our team. It’s heavy and works slowly.

In 2017, she met our team and gathered her community to learn about Village Savings and Loans Association (VLSA) and Basic Business Cycle training where her dreams of growing her business were planted.

She dreamed of getting sewing machines that work better and faster, to turn her house into a small factory, and make a business that can provide a living for her disabled son. But, she didn’t know how she could make it happen without first saving a lot of money.

Then her savings group coach announced that trusted saving members could apply for Rent-to-Own with us after they finish a cycle. Hearing that motivated Daw Aye Min to turn her dreams into reality.

On March 1, 2019, Daw Aye Min received her 2 “new” used sewing machines purchased from a sewing factory – a motor sewing machine and an overlock stitching machine.

Being able to get the investment capital and the machines has brought a huge change to her business. With the old machine, making 100 pairs of toddler shorts took her 4 days. With the new machines, she can make the same amount in only 1 day.

Her friends take the clothing she and her son make to sell at community markets and they share the profit. Sometimes people come to them for custom made clothing. She is planning to set up a shop in a market as well.


They can make 2,000 baht more per month than they used to make.

As a family, they haven’t stopped dreaming. They have a plan to start other businesses, alongside sewing, for increased financial security.

You can help more families access secure savings and business partnerships that turn their dreams into reality by supporting our Family Enterprise Program.

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