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At the close of 2022 our 2 coaches were coaching an average of 40 after school hours each month, on the soccer field you helped us build, for the village where we piloted the Higher Ground Soccer Program. Forty-eight children, and forty-three adults came to the field regularly to participate in the practices and games.

In 2019, all of the 1st graders in this village tested positive for amphetamines! Since we gave them a soccer field and daily coaching, the drug use in this village has plummeted, and not just for the children. The adults are playing soccer more and using drugs less also.

But that’s not all. In 4 neighboring villages, leaders gave their approval to begin coaching children and youth in their communities as well. These communities have each chosen 2 people to be coaches and mentors for the children in their village, and we are now poised to bring year round, daily soccer coaching and practices for the children in 5 hill tribe villages total.

These children and young men need hope. They need to experience competence and companionship, friendship and team work. They need to have wise mentors who can help them make good life choices. They need to play instead of get high.

You are giving them that through supporting the Higher Ground Soccer Program program!

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