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“My name is Ma Mar Lwin. I’m 52 years old. I grew up in a rural area in Burma. I had to quit school after Grade-2 because my father passed away.”

“I was excited and happy when I first heard about The Charis Project and their training. The training has given me knowledge and experience I couldn’t get when I was young.”

I keep encouraging my neighbors and friends to join these trainings, because this knowledge is essential for people like us.  I could try to tell people what I have learned in the training, but they may not trust the information if they only hear it from me. If they learn directly from the trainers they will trust the information more and follow the instructions.

This Community Health training is the fourth module I have participated in. I have also participated in the Healthy Pregnancy, Early Childhood Development, and Positive Parenting trainings.  With the information from the training I feel like I have reliable guidelines to help me take care of my family’s well-being and happiness.

Everything I have been learning from these training courses is useful and practical for me. Out of all the the lessons, what I remember most is how important it is for parents to help and support their children, and how important a good society is for the healthy growth of children. The trainer described a child as a tree growing in the middle of a path. It can only grow tall and strong if someone protects it while it is small. He said, “The children are like trees, they need a good environment and supportive parents to raise them, just like a tree needs sunlight and water and good soil to grow tall.”

I try my best to apply everything I learned from the training as I raise my son. He has gotten more independent, and mindful of his hygiene. His teachers compliment him as a nice and clever student. At home he has become a happy child who communicates with his parents and neighbors well. I want my son to be an educated person who works with a pen in the office when he grows up. 

Parents like Ma Mar Lwin are hungry for knowledge and guidance!

We have spent years working on our curriculums to make sure that they are exactly the support and knowledge that these parents need in their unique and challenging situations.

YOU helped Ma Mar Lwin learn how to take care of her family’s wellbeing and happiness. Your support sends reliable guides into these desperately poor migrant communities and gives parents the wisdom and courage they need to protect their children, and raise them to be the heroes they were born to be.

Thank you for the profound difference you make in the life of these children, and parents, every day.

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