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What we read. A round up of links that inspire, challenge and inform our work at The Charis Project. We hope they will inspire you and move you to action in some cases as well.

The Women Who Sell Their Daughters into Sex Slavery

This is a heartbreaking piece on Cambodian women who sold their own daughters for sex, trying to dig out from under impossible debt levied by corrupt money lenders. It gets at the roots of the problem, and it’s correlation to extreme poverty. This is why we say so confidently that our efforts to empower impoverished communities will preventing the trafficking of the children in those villages.

We’re All Trading Our Lives For Something : Trade Up

“Our lives hold far greater potential than the comfort and luxury most of us trade them for. After all, these are temporal pursuits that can never be fully achieved. They move and shift rapidly with the world around us. They never fully satisfy. They are completely self-centered. And our lives can be traded for things far greater.
Our lives can be traded for significance, social justice, or spiritual pursuits. We can invest our lives into creating a more sustainable planet, beautiful art, moments of joy for others, or causes we believe in. We can help others overcome fear, heartache, or significant obstacles to joy. We can trade our finite resources for the desires and values held deep within each of our hearts – the purest passions unspoiled by the culture around us.”

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