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I give families encouragement and advice on how to take care of each other.

Moving to Thailand was never part of War War’s plan. Though she fought it with all her might, she was forced to move here with her mother several years ago. It still doesn’t feel like “home,” but War War and her husband are doing their best to keep a good attitude, save money, and take care of their young daughter.


Getting involved in The Charis Project’s pregnancy class surrounded War War with many friends, and she has been able to apply the things she learned, especially about breastfeeding and childcare, to her everyday. War War’s job at The Charis Project enables her to support her family with a consistent income. She is also able to bring her young daughter, Pho Phwint, along to work, which relieves much concern she had about working.


Pho Phwint’s squeaky shoes make her presence known, but War War effortlessly multitasks as a mother and employee. War War gets excited about encouraging others to keep their families close and support one another. Sharing her own story as an example, War War effectively uses her careful, thoughtful words to have an effective and important voice in each community she enters.


Words and Photos Courtesy of Haley George, who generously traveled to Thailand and spent time photographing, and getting to know, our staff.

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