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When you meet Bird you meet a man consumed by ease and joy, no matter the time, day, or circumstance he finds himself in he is a chilled out guy. Born in Burma, Bird suffered great loss at an early age when his father died due to the ongoing violence and conflict in the region. Because of this Bird and his mother moved to a monastery where Bird spent his early childhood.

At the age of 12 Bird moved to Thailand in the hope of seeking a better life for himself and his family. It was here in Thailand that he attended a boarding school for migrant children. During his time at the school he not only got his education but he also learned to play football, one of his great passions. Thankfully his older brother also attended the school helping ease the journey with some fraternal love and guidance. It was during this time Bird developed a strong relationship with his brother that has continued to this day.


Before joining The Charis Project, Bird worked as a barista at a popular coffee shop in Mae Sot. Aaron, the director of The Charis Project, met Bird there and recognized great potential in the young barista which led to hiring Bird for The Charis Project. Bird’s openness and love for family made him a fantastic fit for The Charis Project’s community outreach programs, and has become an integral part of all that we do.

Able to speak four languages Bird enjoys employing these skills to help the local Burmese diaspora. He teaches them to read and write Burmese, as well as assisting them in Thai lessons. Bird believes that they will have greater opportunities for employment that will in turn empower them to rise above the poverty line and get on their feet.


One day Bird would like to open his own coffee shop in Mon State, Burma, that would provide jobs for people in need, and in turn helping to transform the local community.

Bird would love to have a family of his own one-day. As he was growing up Bird’s mother would tell him stories of how his father was a good husband who treated her well and loved her deeply with a servant heart. These stories have impacted Bird so that he too hoped to be a loving husband and father one day.

Recently married, he is working hard to be able to provide for his future children.


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