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There are huge bags of rice stacked up near the parking platform when we arrive.

There are more in the dining room, gracing the table in the center while some of the children practice together a new song for that morning’s service.

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It’s Thanksgiving at the Family Support Center. The rice is all harvested. It is time to give thanks.

This year they have grown enough rice to last the entire year, plus more. This year they have 4 large bags piled up to give away. They have chosen to bless others with their surplus. (It went to help our other family support programs.)

BSS thanksgiving - 0005

It’s a beautiful thing.

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New rice, steamed in banana leaves. Its the best rice you will ever have.


I try to give Judah (the director) some money to cover the cost of the food for the visitors we brought for the weekend.

“Oh no,” he says. “This year we have enough. This year we have no needs, it’s not a problem.”

He is standing tall. He is at ease.

The children see that they are rich. Their existence is no longer marked by the empty cup extended, full of need. They now see the full cup extended, to give to those who have need.

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“This year there is enough rice, and we grew it ourselves, on our own land.”

We might be tempted to think of them as poor, you and I, who have so much excess.

By they certainly don’t think of themselves that way. Not any more.

They have the means to give! This is wealth. This is abundance.

Aaron really enjoys the new rice.

Aaron really enjoys the new rice.

Oh friend, if you could only see your abundance.

We reached this place thanks to you and your consistent and generous giving.

This thanksgiving we thank you for your part in this beautiful story, and we invite you to give thanks with us for the joy and abundance of this season.

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