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Our Director of Research and Evaluation, Wayland Blue, published a detailed report on our prevention efforts in the Mae Sot migrant community at the onset of COVID-19.

Confronting COVID-19 on the Thai/Myanmar Border

“The solution we settled on was simple. Go house to house and family to family in each community and provide quick, concise instructions on COVID-19 mitigation through hand washing, distancing, and all while maintaining two meters distance and wearing face masks ourselves. We threw in hand soap and face masks for each family we visited as well to make it worth their while. After telling the local government about our plan, we got official approval and backing, so long as we followed the official safety guidelines…

…Averaging about 250 household visits a day, the teams reached over 5,000 households in the space of one month. The average estimated family size in the migrant community being five people, this translated to over 25,000 migrants receiving COVID-19 mitigation training, thousands of bars of soap distributed, and nearly every migrant community in the area contacted. To my knowledge, this was possibly the largest outreach of its kind in the area.”


The South East Asia Globe picked up this story shortly after publishing.

Humanitarian outreach for migrants on the Thai-Myanmar border.

Read their version of it here.

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