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“I used to think that parenting skills were something I only needed to apply to my biological children. But now I have realized that I need to be a good parent to every child in my care.”

Khaing Zar Lin is 28 years old. She and her husband have 1 child of their own and 7 nieces and nephews living with them. They have a hard time feeding their family of 10 on her husband’s meager salary as a construction laborer.

“I went to a training that the Charis Project/Shade Tree Foundation gave in our community. I never went to any kind of school, so I cannot read or write. I am thankful when the trainer explains the lessons clearly to me so that I can still learn without needing to read or write anything.”

“After the trainer, Mah Wai, got to know me she realized that our family needs extra support, in addition to the Family Education training. She introduced us to the Family Rescue project which provides us with food each month, like rice and eggs.”

“I cannot even find words to describe the gratitude and happiness I have towards the foundation for their help. This support means so much for my family, and all the children in it. I am thankful to learn so many things I did not know before also. These lessons are especially important for someone like me who is responsible for so many children.”

There are 8 children in this family whose lives have improved and who have brighter futures because you helped to provide education to their parents, and food to get them through these days of hunger.

Little by little, step by step, you are giving families like this hope, and strength for the future.

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