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Born in Myanmar, in a Karen family, Min Soe grew up in a small village. Her family couldn’t support her school fees, so she moved to Thailand to live and get education in a refugee camp. “At that time, I had the feeling that education is something very important for my life. I wanted to continue learning.”

After finishing high school, Min Soe studied economic development and accounting.

In 2010 she moved to Mae Sot, where she got a job offer from Mae Tao Clinic as a cashier. Motivated by her coworkers she decided to learn English. So she went to study at Wide Horizons School.

After another couple years of working for the clinic, as audit coordinator, she decided she wanted to have a new experience. Hearing about Shade Tree Foundation, she really liked our mission of family rescue and empowerment because it resonated with her childhood, when she lacked the love and encouragement a family should give.

“People here at (Charis) are very different than people from my background. If something happens to you because you did something wrong, then instead of getting the response ‘It’s your fault, you have to suffer,’ we are being encouraged with, ‘It’s okay, you will get better.’”

Min Soe’s position at Shade Tree Foundation is financial administrator. Her tasks include: checking vouchers, recording foundation’s monthly expense and cashier.

Min Soe speaks S’gaw Karen, Poe Karen, Burmese, and English.

A woman who is always curious about things and likes to learn new things, a competent and hard-working person, Min Soe is a great asset to our team and we are grateful to have her.


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