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Chawsu is the kind of person who gives half of her cup of rice to others. She loves sharing – food, knowledge, and smiles. That’s why working for Shade Tree Foundation seems like a blessing to her. Her entire work revolves around giving. She buys food for nutrition packages, then goes in the community and delivers them. She also gives training and advice to families.

Born in Bago, Myanmar, Chawsu moved to Thailand in 2010, looking for a job. In Mae Sot, she worked in agriculture for a while. But when her family started having some financial problems, she decided to borrow money to start a business supplying families in her remote community with boxes of groceries at bulk prices, delivered to their door.

That’s how she met Aaron, whom she deeply appreciates for his trustworthiness and care for others. The Charis Project approved her business loan.

Chawsu then started doing small jobs for the Charis office. She became a full-time employee in 2017. She is part of the Family Rescue Team and is very happy for the fact that she has the chance to distribute food to people in need, encourage families, give counsel and suggestions.

Another thing Chawsu likes is that, after she received training from STF on parenting, she realized hitting children is not the best way to educate them. She changed how she parents her own two daughters, and now she shares this information with other parents and families she encounters in the community.

Growing up with only her brother, Chawsu learned how hard it is to not have parents around, to not have anyone bringing food when she was hungry. So now she is working to fix this for other children. “I want to put my mind and soul into helping families in crisis.”

We are very thankful to have such a dedicated, active, patient woman on our team.

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