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When you strengthen a family, their children’s future becomes bright.

We work with parents because they are the ones who do the hard work of raising and protecting children.

We come alongside families that are desperate, and have never had good parenting examples, equipping them with the wisdom and courage they need to protect their children, to make their homes safe havens where their children can develop healthy bodies and minds.

We teach classes that give them the skills and knowledge that help them parent well. We teach them how to save together, build businesses and plan for their family’s future.

We encourage them when they are desperate. We are the friend they need to help them not lose hope.


Because these children deserve to grow up safe, in strong loving families that are equipped to help them grow to be the heroes they were born to be. When you help us support their families, you are giving them just that.

The parents of these children are receiving life changing coaching and training through our Family Education and Family Enterprise programs. Right now, today, you are giving them a brighter future.

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