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If you get the impression our US team is bigger than it actually is, that’s probably because Carrien is taking care of things in the background. Since the beginning of The Charis Project Carrien has been working to fill all of the gaps and cover all the roles that need covering and don’t fall to another person’s specific job description.

For example;

Writing copy for the website, writing blog posts, newsletter updates, fundraising, social media.

Making sure that Charis continues to operate in the US legally in her role as board secretary.

Helping to organize and support community education in Thailand.

Writing the women’s health class curriculum and training our local teams to teach it.

Answering all of your emails and questions, eventually.

Issuing you your tax deductible receipts at the years end.


This while raising and educating her own 6 children.

Carrien is really grateful for the growth of our team, and the fact that there are more resources and people to take on some the roles that have fallen to her in the past.

Carrien is passionate about helping families to stay together. She wants mothers to succeed and flourish in their role. She knows from experience not only how hard the job is, even for an educated and well resourced woman, let alone for someone living without those advantages, but how important it is to the well being of children, families, and the world that mothers are supported.

“I have never met such strong, hard working, capable women as those we work with. If they had been given the opportunities I was given as a child some of them would be CEOs of corporations by now. I want to give them every available resource so that they can give themselves, and their children, a better future.”


Training the Family Support Team to teach women’s health.


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