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Last year we realized that the Charis Farm was a side mission to our main mission of healing families, strengthening families, and keeping families together. Update on the Farm

But there was a father, with many children, who had worked as an employee for us for some time, learning all that we learned about natural rice farming. He was ready to become an independent businessman, running his own farming enterprise. He had his eye on a nice piece of land that had been enriched through natural cultivation techniques for the past 3-4 years. The current tenants were willing to pass their lease on to him, he just needed investment capital in order to make a go of it.

And that’s how ‘P Thon became a farmer, taking over the running of the Charis Farm independently, and we became his customer and investor.

This month he delivered the rice we preordered in April of this year as part of our investment in his business. This helped him to pay his lease this year.


We get to go on delivering healthy nutritious rice to families in need, and he is able to take care of his own family.

Independent and thriving families are our end goal. We’re glad we get to be part of this one’s story.

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