Aaron Blue – Thailand Director

Aaron is a creative and flexible thinker and that ability to adapt quickly to new information and situations is part of the DNA of The Charis […]

Carrien Blue

If you get the impression our US team is bigger than it actually is, that’s probably because Carrien is taking care of things in the background. Since […]

Office Staff

Office Staff

Aoe – HR and Legal Administrator

In Thailand, no international team can operate without someone in the office who is taking care of all of the immigration paperwork, and making sure everyone […]

Jan – Office Manager

With quiet competence, humility, and loads of experience, Jan keeps everything running in the Shade Tree Foundation office. (Shade Tree is the Thai foundation established by […]

Family Support Team

Family Support Team

TinTin – Family Support Director

“Don’t give up your dreams. Try to see everything in a positive light. Trust people. Don’t compare your story with other people’s stories. You are not alone in the world.”

Bird – Family Support Project Coordinator

When you meet Bird you meet a man consumed by ease and joy, no matter the time, day, or circumstance he finds himself in he is […]

Meet Our Team – War War Lin

I give families encouragement and advice on how to take care of each other. – Moving to Thailand was never part of War War’s plan. Though […]

Meet our Team – Mawai

I give encouragement. I am a good teacher and a calm presence. - Five years into her life in Thailand, Mawai has overcome and learned much […]

Family Enterprise Team

Family Enterprise Team

Ching San – Family Enterprise Manager

When Ching San was 20 her parents decided that it was too dangerous to stay in their village in Myanmar any longer. Ethnic Chin, they were a […]



Wayland Blue – Director of Research and Evaluation

Wayland was instrumental in the very beginnings of the Charis Project, back in 2008. He formed the initial relationships with a Lahu village that launched our […]

The Lovan Family

We’re pleased to welcome the Lovan family to Charis Thailand. Nicole will be working on a community based child care project which trains potential child care […]