They Have Beds!

You did this. You made this possible. Thanks to your generosity in December we were able to send enough money for all of the children to […]

Christmas at the Charis Home

Some of you have asked us if there is something extra you could do this Christmas for the kids in the Charis Home. So we asked […]

What If?

This home has been netting pigeons to eat so there is enough food this month. It was the year 2001, we had been married less than […]

Marble Shark

Khlong Lan. About 27 miles away from the Thai/Myanmar (Burma) border. Hot and sweaty. 260 miles from Chiang Mai. The marble shark circles. The marble shark […]

Children’s Home – August 9, 2009

Dark:30 in the morning. Guitar, children singing in Hmong. I have come across 15 time zones; have been traveling on planes, trains, buses, trucks and motorcycles […]

Every Problem Has Solution

For the problem of poverty, many solutions have been attempted. The answer to these problems has often been non governmental organizations and charities that address a […]
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