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We made a slide show this week. Check it out. The Charis Project from Charis Project on Vimeo. What do you think?

This is Really Happening

We’ve worked for 2 years now to take care of these kids and to build the charis project to support their communities and we’ve known why […]

Hill Tribe Hospitality

If you visit a hill tribe village in northern Thailand, they may just make a special meal to honor your arrival. that’s a dead dog in […]

This Week’s Outpouring of Love

First, a progress report on Project Buy the Orphanage a Truck. As of this morning the total donated is $3280. That’s more than halfway to our […]

Announcing New Prizes and an Extension

$4519 I just spent several minutes adding everything that has come in in the past week. We’re at $4519! That’s amazing! I’m a little emotional right […]

Help us Buy a truck? ***giveaway****

In a week and one day Aaron will board a plane for Thailand. One problem, we still haven’t raised the $6000 we need to buy a […]

We have a TRUCK!!!!!!

Thank-you everyone who made this possible. Do you see the rain cover? These kids fell asleep on the drive home from a doctor visit Just this […]

They Have Beds!

You did this. You made this possible. Thanks to your generosity in December we were able to send enough money for all of the children to […]

Christmas at the Charis Home

Some of you have asked us if there is something extra you could do this Christmas for the kids in the Charis Home. So we asked […]

What If?

This home has been netting pigeons to eat so there is enough food this month. It was the year 2001, we had been married less than […]

Marble Shark

Khlong Lan. About 27 miles away from the Thai/Myanmar (Burma) border. Hot and sweaty. 260 miles from Chiang Mai. The marble shark circles. The marble shark […]