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Welcome to the Charis Teaching Farm

Rather than teach business and accounting in a classroom, this farm is our hands on business school.

When Abandoning Your Kids Seems Like the Right Thing To Do

Children's homes should always be considered a temporary solution.

Welcome to the Charis Consignment Shop and Coffee Bar

In our business education classes we ask the villagers, “Where is there pain in your village? What kinds of problems do people have? How could you […]

They Were Going to Send Their Children Away for Lack of $20/month!

A few months ago one of our community engagement volunteers took us out to a migrant camp near a truck stop to meet a family he knew. They have 2 small girls ages 4 and 2. The father works very hard for the Thai land owner where the camp is located but they were still not making enough to get by.

This family was on the verge of splitting up because they couldn't make ends meet.

What Poverty Is Really Like

Poverty is not knowing all the things I know. Here, in the migrant camps, all the basic information that I take for granted that I know, […]

On poverty and child abandonment

A migrant family and their bamboo house. “I think that if you do start a daycare in the migrant camp that you will have to be […]

Happy New Year From Thailand!!!!

Thank you friends for all that you do to care for the kids at risk in Thailand. Without you none of this would be possible, and […]

Poverty and Sex Trafficking

What we read. A round up of links that inspire, challenge and inform our work at The Charis Project. We hope they will inspire you and […]

Christmas, Charis and YOU!

Every year many of you wonderful people contact us and tell us all about how you would like to make a donation in honor of someone […]

The Importance of Family

I think my favorite thing about the make-shift family we have participated in forming up on the mountain at the children’s home is the grandparents. I’m […]

Wanted: Opportunity

Every week Voices of Charis features the articles and ideas that excite and inspire and inform us as we work in community education and development on […]

Risk and 3rd World Business Development

In a TEDtalk titled, Let’s Raise Kids to be Entrepreneurs, Cameron Herold, founder of 1-800-Got-Junk, one of the largest junk removal companies in North America, defines […]