A tree landed on the roof!

$1495. That’s a fish farming operation right there. Or the cost of the balance on the fish pond land and starting a new farm. Or 3/4 […]

It’s About One

Everyone has a limit. I pray for those who have not yet found theirs that they never will, for when it is reached, in most cases, […]

To Do for 2011 – Rescue a Child

Sometimes I wish that we at The Charis Project had a more flashy story. I follow a lot of organizations, and people, who do extraordinary things […]

Stories from the Charis Home – 1

Therese Wall has served on our board of directors for more than a year, but hadn’t been to see the Charis Home until this past September. […]

I Saw

I saw the truck you bought! It was splattered with mud and full of squealing kids. Aaron, the object of much laughter and gyration, scooted up […]

Would You do Something?

We made a slide show this week. Check it out. The Charis Project from Charis Project on Vimeo. What do you think?

This is Really Happening

We’ve worked for 2 years now to take care of these kids and to build the charis project to support their communities and we’ve known why […]

Hill Tribe Hospitality

If you visit a hill tribe village in northern Thailand, they may just make a special meal to honor your arrival. that’s a dead dog in […]

This Week’s Outpouring of Love

First, a progress report on Project Buy the Orphanage a Truck. As of this morning the total donated is $3280. That’s more than halfway to our […]

Announcing New Prizes and an Extension

$4519 I just spent several minutes adding everything that has come in in the past week. We’re at $4519! That’s amazing! I’m a little emotional right […]

Help us Buy a truck? ***giveaway****

In a week and one day Aaron will board a plane for Thailand. One problem, we still haven’t raised the $6000 we need to buy a […]

We have a TRUCK!!!!!!

Thank-you everyone who made this possible. Do you see the rain cover? These kids fell asleep on the drive home from a doctor visit Just this […]
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